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Although Indian by heritage, it was not until I accompanied my mother to India in the early 1990s to prepare for my for my older sister’s wedding trousseau that I really fell in love with the country’s heritage, craftsmanship and embroiderers. 
I loved hand made from a young age. I collect pens and stationery. I still haven’t taken to the modern computer age. I have an old school yearning and love for past crafts, techniques and history. To me, nothing can be more luxurious than a hand-crafted object that tells a story.

These feelings are brought to life when I watch an artisan delicately embellish a dress using a regional technique that has been passed down generations.  Watching him use an addah (wooden frame) and aari (hooked needle) is to experience artistry in its purest form. 

This artistry is not limited to embroideries but can be found on textiles and prints from Bandhani and Chikan to Khadi cotton and Ajrak printing. It lives in specific motifs and colours used on traditional garments from saris to lungis. It is within this magical realm that I have found endless inspiration as a designer. 

Join me on my journey as I continue to uncover India in all its glory...
First Stop, Zardozi 
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