Tabla is a luxury lifestyle brand made in and inspired by India.

Founded by Tania Mohan in 1999, Tabla showcases India’s rich heritage of textile traditions, craftsmanship and history. Intricate embellishments and detailed threadwork are fused with timeless silhouettes to create unique pieces.

Tabla celebrates “Made in India” and the work of its skilled artisans. Our mission is to explore and creatively interpret the magical artistry of India. We journey across the country in search of refined and time-honoured techniques that are being kept alive by Karigars (artisans), whether it is Chikan hand embroidery from Lucknow, Bandhani tie dye from Rajasthan or traditional Zardozi work which flourished during the Mughal empire.

"The world today is inundated with mass production carrying the label 'Luxury.' There is much forgotten in the world today of the old fashioned techniques, color dyeing, thread work and tradition which needs to be explored and rightly reclaim its position as true 'Luxury.'"



'Tabla' is a pair of drums originating from the Indian subcontinent.
This brand beats to its own tune that of the East-meets-West beat.